Grading - Langdale Walking Holidays

In order to make it easier for you to decide which holiday best suits you, each tour has been graded Easy, Moderate or Hard. It is difficult to be precise about these gradings because, even assuming a reasonable level of fitness, what is easy for one person is more difficult for another. They are mostly based on distance, altitude, type of terrain and the amount of elevation covered and they should be taken as a guideline only.

We are acutely aware that couples may have differing levels of ability, and in nearly all cases there are alternative, easier, walks on the ‘Moderate’ and ‘Hard’ holidays. If in any doubt please get in touch and we will attempt to set your mind at ease.


Easy Grade Walking Holidays

The holiday includes walks or strolls of up to two or three hours a day on reasonably flat terrain and along well-defined footpaths. The bias of the holiday may be cultural. A generous amount of time is allowed to enjoy the scenery and to take photographs. Suitable for most people of any age.


Moderate Grade Walking Holidays
Walks of about five hours a day along well-defined footpaths and tracks, with some elevation and steep ascents/descents. Plenty of time allowed for rest and relaxation and taking photographs. Suitable for regular hill-walkers and anyone who is reasonably fit.


Hard Grade Walking Holidays
Challenging walks for up to seven or eight hours a day, possibly with steep ascents/descents and high altitudes. Some scrambling and exposure, but on well thought-out routes and with plenty of time for rest and relaxation. A good level of fitness is essential.