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Ever wondered what it’s like to watch the sunset over the desert? Here, we’ve detailed the extraordinary experience of seeing a vast and seemingly limitless desert horizon give way to a canopy of stars while camping with the Bedouins in the Wadi Rum.

The Wadi Rum Desert

Described by T.H. Lawrence as ‘Vast, echoing and god-like”, the red sands and stunning canyons of the Wadi Rum desert (also known as “The Valley of the Moon”) have provided the inspiration for countless cinematic location shots.

From the aforementioned Lawrence of Arabia, to Indiana Jones and the 2015 Blockbuster, The Martain, the desert has doubled up as the backdrop of many epic journeys, as well as the surface of the red planet.

The Wadi Rum Desert is the Zalabia Bedouin homeland, who now work to develop their eco-tourism model to visitors seeking dramatic landscapes with a touch of adventure. Offering visitors a warm reception is enshrined in their culture, and you can get an unforgettable insight into how this fascinating culture has lived for centuries whilst staying overnight in their specially-designed comfortable tented camp.

Wadi Rum Desert Walking
The Mountains and Canyons of the Wadi Rum Desert

Travel Across the Wadi Rum Desert

Accompanied by experienced Bedouin guides, set off into the colourful canyons and valleys of the Wadi Rum – the red colour of the sands owing to the rich levels of iron oxide in the area.

Sailing across the dramatic Wadi Rum landscape in our 4X4s, catch sight of some of the monolithic rock formations and mountain ranges scattered across the yawning expanse of the desert.

Wadi Rum Protected area desert safari
Driving 4X4s through the Wadi Rum desert

A Night Under the Stars in the Wadi Rum

As the day draws to a close, and the sun is setting on the seemingly limitless desert horizon, observe the sand, rockfaces and canyon valleys before you as they reflect the amber, deep reds and dusky rose hues of the setting sky.

With the only light being the illuminations from your camp, experience the night sky as you’ve never seen it before with stargazing over a clear desert canopy, where you can witness shooting stars overhead.

It’s hard to believe, but the stars seem to shine even brighter across a clear desert sky, especially when you have almost no light pollution to compete with across the desert valley. The camp itself is a quiet, serene place offering full facilities, with showers and bathrooms on site, air conditioning, electricity, breakfast and traditional Bedouin evening meals cooked over hot coals.

Camping under the stars wadi rum
Stargazing in the Wadi Rum Desert Camp

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